Ophelia and Lyan are Dead Meat by Spencer Stoner

Narasumas is hunting down a murderer and needs the best tracker in the region. That would be Appelonia—a godless young elf formerly of the Order of Kuan Yin with the uncanny ability to find those who try to hide. She’s familiar with the barren fields in the Land of the Long-toothed Rabbit and knows how to survive.

There’s only one complication. The notorious mercenary Ophelia has already contracted Appelonia to help her search the frozen landscape for an exiled barbarian—and she doesn’t like to share.

But divine intervention won’t wait. And with it comes the destruction of the town and all the innocents living within.

Narasumas must find the criminal she seeks before her promise causes every unwary man, woman, and child unlucky enough to be around her to be torn to pieces…

Illustrated by Stephanie Haigney
64 Pages
ISBN Numbers:
Softcover: 978-1-948540-62-9
Ebook:      978-1-948540-81-0
Strong, butt-kicking female warriors that will appeal to readers and fans of Red Sonja
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