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Store is Open!

Now you too can wear the fierce rabbits upon your back!

Being an unapologetic nerd (since back when "nerd" was a dirty word), I love wearing and sticking and otherwise playing with the pop culture properties that give me joy.

You will very rarely catch me without something Superman related about my person. I am also a big fan of Metroid and love the online shirt sites that have made it so I have quite the impressive t-shirt collection of my favorite video game franchise.

Well, I felt it was time that the characters from my novels got the same chance to shine. So I introduce to you...


Just click on the proper tab at the top of this webpage to check out the merchandise I have created for you! Just FYI, it is a site on so it will take you away from this page. At least for the time being.

Anyway, I hope you like what you see! There are some shirts, stickers, and the stock will continue to expand as long as I have ideas and the ability to design them.

Adios and aloha!

Spencer Stoner

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