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The OPHELIA LEGACY is a series but Spencer makes sure that they can each novel can stand on their own as a complete story.

They can also be read in any order! Spencer refers to this as "Hub and Spoke" storytelling.



Ophelia is an old fashioned sword-for-hire who's been out of the game for awhile. After leaving the lands of the Xaviour Tribe in the south, someone tried to chop off her head! That came as a surprise.

Someone had the same idea with Lyan Yo Bunpy, who arrived in Ophelia's room with the heads of her would be assassins. Anyone who expected a different result going after a Bunny Barbarian didn't do their homework.

Whoever is trying to kill the two warriors, though, has much bigger aspirations than a couple of good-looking corpses. Ophelia and Lyan are being used to start a war that could not only destroy two cities but also the few people left in the world that both women hold dear.

But what could two women do against armies, monsters, spies, and a duplicitous wizard? Can the two warriors even survive, let alone stop such an insurmountable force?



A group of assassins have taken their daughter! Even though they are simple farmers, Alvin and Perse will not stand for this. As they make chase across the continent, the married couple show the Al Razheem, the villains who stole their joy, just how far they will go to get Ophelia back!

Meanwhile, Ophelia is subjected to vile experiments to transform her into a remorseless killer. But being the ultimate assassin puts her at odds with Kitanah, the one she has been ushered in to replace. Can Ophelia survive the politics of a ruthless organization long enough to be rescued?

Even if the farmers do get Ophelia back, will there be enough of her left to recognize as their daughter? And why do the Light Bringers, the guardians of law and order, want Alvin and Perse to fail?



Ophelia is free! Everyone who sought to enslave or control her thinks she is dead. All would be well if it wasn't for Raiko de Junamend. Not only is he insufferable but he also stole the most sacred relic of his own people. Normally, Ophelia would be happy to return it, especially if it annoyed Raiko. But giving it back to the de Junamend clan would restart one of the deadliest wars to scorch the continent!

Decades later, Appelonia is readying to begin her pilgrimage to become a full fledged cleric of the goddess, Kuan Yin. When an efreeti demon attacks her home, the monster claims that the last child of his people has been taken!

When the idea that Apple herself could be that missing child is suggested, it provokes a search for the one person who knows more about the efreeti than any other mortal: Ophelia. That quest will drag the cleric and her friends through literal hell to find the answers. What is the connection between the effort in the past to prevent war to trying to figure out the lineage of a cleric in the future? It all has to do with a certain rock...



Narasumas is hunting down a murderer and needs the best tracker in the region. That would be Appelonia—a godless young elf formerly of the Order of Kuan Yin with the uncanny ability to find those who try to hide. She’s familiar with the barren fields in the Land of the Long-toothed Rabbit and knows how to survive.

There’s only one complication. The notorious mercenary Ophelia has already contracted Appelonia to help her search the frozen landscape for an exiled barbarian—and she doesn’t like to share.

But divine intervention won’t wait. And with it comes the destruction of the town and all the innocents living within.

Narasumas must find the criminal she seeks before her promise causes every unwary man, woman, and child unlucky enough to be around her to be torn to pieces…

Illustrated by Stephen Haigney

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